We Look After As People Who Worth To Suffer, Yet Have You Ever Take A Look Deep Down Into Their Heart ?


Mistakes are always mistakes. But, it is wise to look deeper into the hearts of people and see why a mistake happens. It is even perfect if we are willing to cope with it and restore the situation.

Who is to blame regarding what had happened in the life of Esau? Is it he himself, only because he made light of the birthright? Indeed he had faced the consequence of his mistake. And his descendants too! No dews from heavens; no good soil. Only swords! He and his offspring survived with the sword and lived as slaves. Maybe we are sneering at Rebecca, thinking that she deserved the suffering because of the hostility between her two sons. Nevertheless, she had a reason for what she did. She once told Isaac that she really loathed Esau’s wives who were from foreign nations. All that she did actually fulfill what God had designed (cf. 25:23). Can we imagine if Esau refused to give the birthright and he received the blessing from his father, his foreign wives and their children would also be blessed?

Dear friends, to pass judgment too quickly is a fatal mistake. Jesus has told us not to judge our neighbor (see Matthew 7:1-5). Sometimes we judge others hastily and stigmatize them for all the mistakes that they make because we see them through our own point of view, which is superficial. Instead of helping them improve, we never try to look deeper into their hearts and understand why they make mistakes. We are even being more wicked if, when others have to suffer from their fault, we feel good about ourselves. Doesn’t Jesus ask us to pray, even for those who have done evil to us? (Matthew 5:44). As the saying goes, “There's no smoke without fire,” our task is not to cover the mistakes, but overcome the problem, or even prevent it from happening.

Good morning! Certainly, we deserve to suffer for all the mistakes that we have done. But, God shows His love for us.