Wise Man Are Brilliant On Choise, In Contrast With Those Who Are Not.


Everyday we have been placed to face so many choices , yet it supposed not to be that hard to choose one choice among those choices since the essence of what we need to choose is only either we choose to be constant to fulfill our self indulgence and selfishness, or, willingness to choose to do things that brings Joy to God and worth for the kingdom of God.

In the end we figure out the reason why did God chose Jacob to received the blessings from Abraham instead of Esau. Actually, Jacob is the one who deserves it. He knew and understood the preciousness of the birthright, while Esau did not. So do, when it’s come to the situation when they are taking their wifes. Concerning this thing Esau seemed so reckless, at first he married strangers outside his tribe even though he knew unhappy with it, however he chose to keep married the daughters of Ishmael, those who neither his father nor God recommendation to be taken as to be his wife. This condition just like recalling what Abraham did when he took Hagar to be his concubine. In case of hunting, Esau might be an expert , yet in case of acknowledging what God wants for him to be done, he does unwise.

My friends, it is easy to choose something, but choosing what’s best and delightful for God, you need to be wise, humble, deny yourself, and a genuine desire towards it. We should set aside the lust of flesh, set aside things that we seek only to satisfy and benefit our own self in this world, and letting God will be done, and Him rule your life. Deciding to follow God and implemented His will, might not be the most common decision taken by so many people in this world. Yet, it is the best decision for you, if you choose to follow Him, not only for today, not temporary, also not only what we see today, it is beyond, it is cover your future that only can be seen with faith once you decided to follow Him.

Good Morning. Ask God to give you ability to lead yourself, to choose the good and the right decision, to be taken as to be implemented in your life.