When Something We Want Most Has Been Given To Others. Still Means This Life To Be Lived ?


"a time to weep and a time to laugh,a time to mourn and a time to dance," said Ecclesiates (Ecclesiates. 3:4, NIV)

“... he cries out loud full of sorrow.” This sentence is close enough to describe the situation when Esau knew the truth that his belongings and things that will be his own, have been taken away from him. Perhaps the situation back then was beyond what those words can tell us. More than his own life, his birthright and blessings he was supposed to receive from Isaac, have been taken away from him. That happens due to his own fault of taking zero care about his own right (25:32) along with the plot of Rebekah and Jacob (27:8-10)

Dear friends, sometimes we realize the importance and value of what we have, only when it is already gone. When it is still in our grasp, sometimes we underestimate it, ignore it, or even throw it away. Regret comes when the milk is already spilled. Whatever we do and no matter how much we sacrifice, we can never turn back time and restore the situation. Does our life still matter after all? The answer is Yes! God still gives us breath to breathe, and that means there’s hope for another chance. We can start over, maybe with more efforts. The result might not be the same as it was before, but at least we have a willingness to try

Good morning, believe that everything is beautiful in its time, as long as we hold on to the promise of God and appreciate His wonderful gift.