Sincerity Keep Shining Even Though In The Middle Of A Very Thick Mist Of Lifes


Because of my integrity you uphold meand set me in your presence for ever. (Psa. 41:12, NIV)

How dark was that day because of the lies of Jacob and Rebekah to Isaac. Jacob lied by saying that he was Esau (18-19). Jacob also used the name of God to smooth his lies (20), while Rebekah was the initiator of all of them. While Isaac was in physical weakness and sincerity still blessed Jacob, and that blessing continued to descend upon Jacob.

My Friends, God loves people who are sincere, God makes success whatever he does, even the evil intentions of humans cannot frustrate him. In our reading passage, we can see that the sincerity of Isaac's heart and the blessings he sent down were not blocked by Jacob's lies. The blessing is still pouring out on Jacob and all his descendants. Like Isaac, presumably in carrying out the ministry of duty that God entrusts, we do it with sincerity, because we do it for God who sees the human heart.

Good Morning, Sincerity is a trait that we can develop in ourselves, try it and may God take care and care for it in us.

Greetings of the Bible for All